Sunday, February 8, 2015

Coaltion Ishtars wreck Darkness Legions with carrier support

ZXB-VC, 08 February 2015

A coalition Ishtar fleet led by Eminza Kaiderius and Alterari Phoenix yesterday wrecked a Darkness Legion fleet which had formed up to destroy them in ZXB-VC.

The 129-man coalition fleet was on a routine degrade and destroy mission in enemy held territory in Delve. For 2 hours the fleet roamed through this now desolate wasteland until in HM- they bumped into Mr SnowDraob in his Megathron who should have been paying more attention to his intel channel.

Shortly thereafter reports started coming in of a large enemy force approaching the coalition fleet. In ZXB the enemy fleet of Legions with Oneiros and Archon (2) and Nyx support landed on grid at range but boldly warped to zero. FC Kaiderius ordered deployment of state of the art Bouncer sentries and kited the fleet away as primary targets were broadcasted. Comms became crowded as Interdictors and Heavy Interdictors were also directed to tackle the capitals and pings went out to call in more assets.

The coalition fleet then proceeded to chew through the Darkness fleet with methodical discipline while coalition logistics pilots prevented the enemy from doing the same. The result was 45 enemy ships killed including both Archons for the loss of only 6 coalition ships. Battle report:

The coalition fleet then looted the field before extracting with no further incident. A spokesperson for the coalition told reporters that although successful operations of this kind are winning the war we should not become complacent. The coalition needs all able-bodied pilots to report to the staging system in TEG when fleets are called to ensure the continued success of the campaign.

Fraps by Gee:

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