Tuesday, February 17, 2015

NA Nidhoggur tries to close WH in LIWW, dies

LIWW, 17 February 2015

LIWW Standing Fleet defense force got busy tonight when X Saint reported that an Northern Associates Dominix was repeatedly trying to close a WH in system. Q Sertorius and alts even got a few shots off on one of his attempts. Q called for webs and 2 Hyenas joined the small camp gathering on the WH but without much hope that the Dominix pilot would be stupid enough to try again. However...


Shortly after a suicide webber came in system and X Saint hunted him down and killed him.


Q remarked that it wouldn't surprise him if they brought in a carrier. Someone really wanted that WH closed. Cloaky eyes on the WH (Almos?) then announced that something big just came through because the WH had shrunk. 'NIDHOGGUR!!!!'

The carrier was immediately tackled and webbed by X Saint and Almos and Ion warped in another Hyena to help.  And Q aligned his 3 dreads from the station... The carrier launched Geckos and began chewing through tackle while also neuting. Q announced he was about to land... The carrier was still webbed when Q landed and the 3 dreads went to work...


Get in Standing Fleet and on Fleet comms guys...you never know when a Nidhoggur is going to get tackled...  :shock:

Poster by Bryan K Ward 

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Artwork by Bryan K Ward (click image)