Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Black Legion brings War to TEG doorstep

TEG-SD, 10 March 2015

Pings went out for Dominix pilots late tonight as a 90-man Black Legion fleet of Augoror Navy Issues with Oneiros logistics support approached TEG staging system. The situation looked grim for the coalition after 15 minutes as LAWN FC Li Blackhawk reported only 26 Dominixes were assembled. Logistics and boosting ships were also in short supply despite some hectic bat phoning and corp pinging.

The enemy fleet led by Elo Knight landed on TEG undock. ‘Alright,’ announced FC, ‘we might just have enough. We’ll see how it goes. Everyone undock.’  With these inspiring words ringing in their ears, our fearless Dominix pilots emerged into the Storm of Augorors.

Station was bubbled. FC ordered Bouncer sentries deployed and broadcasted targets. As well as following these targets our skilled pilots were ordered to distribute tracking disruption and energy neutralizers to all enemy ships which they did very effectively.

However, enemy ships did not go down easily, many receiving timely repairs from their logistics wing. FC was obliged to switch quickly between targets in order to take them down. However this process was hindered by long lock times for the enemy cruisers. The enemy kited out, FC ordered optimal range scripts for the TD’s.

Now enemy Stealth bombers made their appearance and destroyed a large part of the fleet’s drones. FC ordered the fleet to deagress and approach station. Those without Bouncers docked up to resupply and undocked. Then as the enemy fleet reapproached, the fight began again. FC ordered tracking scripts for the omnidirectional links. Now as the targets were being broadcasted earlier, the fleet began to chew through the enemy before they could react. One after another the enemy fell. And soon they were warping out in disarray, leaving TEG undock strewn with enemy wrecks. GF’s were exchanged and FC praised his valiant pilots for their skill and discipline in a hard fight.

Once again coalition Dominix class battleships stand undefeated.

TGRADS killboard:




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Artwork by Bryan K Ward (click image)