Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kadeshi Harpies use coalition JB to escape

TEG-SD, 12 March 2015

Coalition Ishtars were scrambled earlier today to intercept a Kadeshi Harpy fleet moving up the Fountain Core pipe. Pilots barely had time to strap in and fire up their engines before FC Hobojoe Dimaloun undocked the fleet to give chase.

Fleet interceptors burned ahead to get intel on the fast-moving Harpies. They reported the enemy fleet in the Minotaur pocket, a dead end. Coalition forces set up bubbles and deployed drones on the 57-KJB gate in A-HZYL and waited. The enemy Harpies arrived 50 km off the gate on the other side and also bubbled. After 10 minutes of the Mexican stand-off FC Hobojoe ordered interdictors and fast tackle in to catch what they could and the fleet then followed.

Our brave interdictor pilots sacrificed themselves willingly to bubble the enemy allowing coalition Ishtars to destroy 7 Harpies, 2 Scythes and the enemy FC’s Svipul, whereupon the enemy fleet fled deeper into the Minotaur pocket.

The Harpies were next located in the dead-end system of R-BGSU. There was no escape for them. The fleet burned to V6-NY1 but scouts reported that the enemy was no longer present in R-B or OL3-78. At first it was thought that the enemy had exited via a wormhole, but Arkale Dark had been spotted at the jump bridge in 9DQW-W and now the Harpy fleet was reported in J-R. The enemy had escaped via Fatal Ascension’s password-protected 9DQ jump bridge. The security of the jump bridge had obviously been compromised.

FC ordered fleet to follow but the Harpies were long gone. A significant number of pilots could not take the bridge without incurring incapacitating jump fatigue and had been left behind in Minotaur. All that was left for FC was to rendez-vous with them at Z30S-A. The coalition leaves no man behind. This was done and fleet then returned to base.

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Artwork by Bryan K Ward (click image)