Monday, March 16, 2015

NC Ravens, Ishtars mauled in 4-EP12 in uneven fight

4-EP12, 16 March 2015

A coalition Ishtar fleet of about 100 led by Eminza Kaiderius travelled from TEG to 4-EP tonight all the while dogged by Kadeshi interceptors. On arrival in 4-EP a hostile SBU was destroyed while the fleet waited for the enemy to form up, which they eventually did.

The Ravens with carrier support were soon joined by Ishtars outnumbering the coalition 142 to 115. Nevertheless FC continued to broadcast Ravens and Ishtars and with focus and discipline the fleet welcomed each one to Fountain.

Enemy stealth bombers then added to the uneven fight and destroyed drones and fast tackle (including your embedded reporter). Many logistics ships were lost at this point when they could no longer rep each other due to broadcast window being swamped by requests for shields. (Reminder to coalition pilots: never broadcast for reps after being bombed.)

FC abandoned and redeployed drones and the fight continued for some time. But with enemy stealth bombers active as well as facing superior numbers and with logistics no longer holding reps, FC aligned the fleet out and extracted. FC gallantly ordered gf's to be exchanged in local.

Result: 4.9 bill lost, 6.3 bill killed.

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