Sunday, January 31, 2016

Top 10 reasons to own an Armageddon in G5 today

10. The Armageddon increases your popularity, charisma and sex appeal by a whopping by 17%, 24 and 36% respectively.

9. The Armageddon is a battleship of the Amarr Empire. No duct tape is used in its construction.

8. The Armageddon is one of the few ships in the game that doesn’t totally look like crap.

7. Sometimes all the finesse and judgement in the world is of no avail unless you have a really big stick.

6. The Armageddon is one of the biggest sticks. Even a single Armageddon imposes respect.

5. The Armageddon is a drone ship. Once your drones are engaged on the enemy they continue to apply damage even if you are jammed. 10% bonus to drone hitpoints and damage.

4. The Armageddon also a long range neuting ship. It can neut frigates dry in one cycle. It is the counter to any self-repping ship. 10% bonus to nos and neut optimal range, 5% bonus to nos and neut falloff.

3. The Armageddon is a versatile ship that can be fit in many ways according to your skills and inclination.

2. Even with no insurance policy, the default payment from your friendly insurance company for the loss of your Armageddon is approximately 97 million isk*.

And the number 1 reason to own an Armageddon in G5 today is…

1. Your corporation leadership, recognizing the aforementioned merits and virtues of the Armageddon for home defence, offers you a generous partial ship reimbursement of approximately 100 million isk in case of loss.

That’s right. Between the insurance and the corp SRP program, you get almost all of the price of the hull back when you lose it. You basically pay only for the fitting. How good is that?

What are you waiting for? Order your Armageddon from McNab today and join the ranks of the Big Stick brigade while knowing that the corp always has your back.

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