Sunday, March 15, 2015

Coalition Domis kick BL Ishtar fleet out of TEG

TEG-SD, 15 March 2015

After destroying 2 enemy SBU's in 7BX-6F and 6VDT-H, coalition pilots quickly reformed in TEG. FC Calwell had the fleet reship into Dominixes as a Black Legion fleet of Ishtars arrived in off station. In what is becoming a familiar scenario, coalition Domis undocked, dropped sentries and chewed through the enemy as they tried to kite out of range.

Many brave interdictor pilots sacrificed themselves once again to bubble the enemy and prevent their escape. Those who did escape went to 87XQ-0 and the fleet followed and caught more in that system. Fleet then returned to TEG and looted the field of a large number of sentry drones that will come in handy in the next few weeks.


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Artwork by Bryan K Ward (click image)