Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hunt for Rokh Oktober

'Rokh just jumped into A-1...hello anyone around?'  With these words of Challu began the Hunt for Rokh Oktober.

One by one Blasties replied on comms. TY was making a sandwich or something. Challu got his Sabre blown up trying to tackle the Rokh alone in YZ. 'At least we know he has blasters.'

Challu followed the Rokh into A-H on his alt in a bomber with only a point. Meanwhile several cruisers tried to catch up. Challu pointed the Rokh but it MJD'ed off and warped.

With help one jump out Challu decided to go for him again in YZS5 to slow him down at least, and I believe Almos also caught up and scrammed him. He aggressed and then the rest of us arrived and Rokh Oktober was sunk.

Poster by Bryan K Ward

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Artwork by Bryan K Ward (click image)