Monday, March 16, 2015

Coalition Ishtars clash with NC TFI's, BL Svipul gang

7BX-6F, 16 March 2015

A coalition Ishtar fleet led by Calwell returned to 7BX tonight and was hot-dropped by Northern Coalition Tempest Fleet Issues with Archon support.

FC had fleet drop sentries and anchor up. Two expensive Machariels were quickly taken down.


One of the Archons was taken to 70% armor but stabilized. 

FC warped the fleet to the SBU and began to grind it down. The TFI fleet was repeatedly bubbled by our skilled interdictor pilots but eventually aligned to the SBU. FC warped the fleet to gate and the enemy followed. Fleet escaped but was pursued by a Balck Legoin fleet of T3 Destroyers, Sabres, and Interceptors.

Now began a fighting retreat on the way to the jump bridge in HMF-9D with the pursued picking off enemy Sabres while aligning out and the pursuers picking off coalition ships slow to jump and align. Having lost all 3 flights of drones, fleet jumped to XUW and then back to TEG with minimal losses.

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Artwork by Bryan K Ward (click image)