Friday, February 27, 2015

Darkness Absolutions attack TEG, suffer heavy losses

TEG-SD, 27 February 2015

Coalition intelligence services tonight warned of a large Darkness Absolution fleet forming in Y-2. Fleet Command ordered all Dominix pilots to prepare their ships for a response. The Darkness fleet foolishly made its way to TEG and when it landed on station FC Outlaw46 undocked the Domis. Bouncer Sentry drones were immediately dropped and targets were broadcasted.

The enemy fleet had Oneiros support for its heavily tanked Command Ships. Nevertheless, FC carefully switched between logistics and command ships and from targets receiving reps to new targets, and so the Domis began to chew through the enemy fleet. When the enemy pulled range to mitigate damage, FC warped the Domis to a perch above station and back down on top of the enemy who then fled.

The last enemy pilot to leave was a bit slow, but she arrived at her home station before the others.

The fleet then scooped all drones, looted the field in front of the station and docked up. Not a single Dominix or logistics ship was lost (a single pod making up most of the loss on the coalition side).

Once again the coalition Dominix, in the firm hands of our brave pilots, Holds the Line in Fountain against the Forces of Darkness.

Zkillboard Battle Report:

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Artwork by Bryan K Ward (click image)