Sunday, February 15, 2015

Darkness Invasion hits Dominix Wall - Round II

ZXB, 15 February 2015

Reports came in that Darkness was attacking the newly dropped coalition SBUs in ZXB using Archons and Tengus. In a repeat of the previous scenario earlier in the day Dominixes proved their superiority to Ishtars.

FC Alterari Phoenix rallied pilots who stayed in Y-2 station and repeatedly bridged new pilots in from TEG. FC took the fleet in but the enemy was now absent. Enemy SBUs were destroyed and LAWN SBUs re-installed. FC positioned sentries in a wide arc on the gate and waited for the enemy Tengu/Archon fleet to arrive. Battle was joined. FC kited the fleet but it soon became apparent that the fleet could not keep range from the Tengus while remaining in optimal range of the sentries. Coalition Ishtars ran out of cap one by one and were picked off by fighter-assisted Tengus at close range. Coalition logistics pilots were also unable to stay in repair range of the fleet as it became spread out.

The coalition fleet returned to staging in TEG and reshipped to Dominixes. As soon as the fleet bridged to Y-2 the enemy Archon/Tengu fleet fled. One coalition SBU was repaired and the fleet returned to TEG.

Battle report (both coalition fleets appear on the report although the Dominix fleet did not get a fight):

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Artwork by Bryan K Ward (click image)