Sunday, February 22, 2015

Coalition Ishtars attack NC Supercarrier escort

Pout, 22 February 2015

FC Pittsburgh2989 led a 118-man Ishtar fleet on what was to be a possibly-contested tower kill today. However FC offered to take the fleet to intercept an NC Supercarrier and its escort reported to be leaving Sakht.

The coalition fleet burned (in time dilation) and caught up with the Wyvern in Pout. FC had the fleet launch sentries and anchor up at range.  The enemy escort fleet of artillery Lokis arrived with several other friendly fleets, vastly outnumbering the coalition Ishtars.

The Wyvern was X-Type fit...

... and could not be taken down with such a powerful escort. FC concentrated therefore on other targets of which there were plenty to choose from. A boosting Tengu was one of the first casualties...

...followed by several Oneiros. At this point enemy Lokis warped in on the fleet's coordinates and the FC and his 2nd were primaried and destroyed. The FC had aligned the fleet out in advance so rest of the fleet managed to warp out and escape, except our beloved director Zorts.

After many perilous jumps and narrow escapes through low-sec, Sigmaknight extracted the fleet back to TEG to fight another day.

Zkillboard Battle report:

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Artwork by Bryan K Ward (click image)