Monday, February 9, 2015

Coalition Ishtars give NC capitals and supers a headache

YQX-7U, 09 February 2015

A coalition Ishtar fleet led by Esildra surprised two NC super carriers on gate in YQX Monday and tackled them.  The FC ordered the fleet to keep bumping the Aeon primary back into the bubbles. The besieged Aeons were quickly joined by more supers with carrier support. The FC switched to the Archons and alternated as each in turn caught reps. Coalition Interdictor pilots had their work cut out deploying bubble after bubble. The two Archons finally went down.

At this point 3 or more Avatars slowly uncloaked from their cyno bridge and suddenly everything became very small. Sentry drones were abandoned and others deployed to improve range. The FC ordered one of the Aeons to be bumped out of repair range as he was taken into 70% armor. This went on for a long time. Up until this point coalition logistics pilots were keeping up with incoming damage. But now a large fleet of enemy Tempest Fleet Issues appeared to extricate the capital fleet from its embarrassing predicament.

(Here the transmission ends as our embedded reporter became a casualty).

Battle report:

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Artwork by Bryan K Ward (click image)