Saturday, February 14, 2015

Darkness Invasion hits Dominix Wall

ZXB, 14 February 2015

Pings went out for maximum pilots this afternoon as reports came in of a large Darkness Legion fleet attacking a coalition POS in Y-2. FC Alterari Phoenix asked for Dominix battlecruisers but a significant number of pilots did not have this ship type. An Ishtar fleet therefore of 167 pilots was bridged by titan into the Jaws of the Beast.

Although our pilots spread out before dropping sentries, enemy Legions were able to close quickly on their coordinates to reduce tracking and so mitigate damage. Sentries were abandoned and redeployed as range became an issue. After losing many brave logistics pilots, FC warped the fleet to station to regroup. The enemy followed. Without logistics and facing superior numbers FC wisely docked the fleet.

The fleet returned to staging in TEG to reship to Dominixes. More pilots joined in the fight and it was a 191- man Dominix fleet that took the Express Elevator to Hell. 'Going down!'

Battle was joined in Y-2 but this time Darkness could not long face the Wrath of the Phoenix and fled.

FC then took the fleet to the Edge of Darkness and proceeded to degrade several station assets.

Next two enemy Sovereignty Blockade Units in ZXB were vaporized and replaced with LAWN SBUs. An enemy bomber fleet which tried to interfere paid the Iron Price thanks to the skill of coalition Interdictor pilots.

Finally the fleet landed on the now infamous Russian 'Death Star' POS in 5-C with intent to attack the Super Capital Ship Assembly Array with an Aeon in build....

...only to find that the enemy had unanchored the SCSAA themselves, thus aborting the Aeon build.  The fleet therefore, having won without fighting, returned home with Great Glory and minimal losses.

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Artwork by Bryan K Ward (click image)