Saturday, October 3, 2015

Cyno up in BWF, leads to carrier kill

Prometheus Ituin pinged for a fleet to drop on 3 Myrms camping the Oijanen gate in BWF late last night. And what better ship to kill Myrms than Bhaalgorns right? So Los Lecrosis set off to find the Myrms with 3 Bhaalgorns (1 with grid problems), 1 ANI, 2 Oneiros and 1 Crow sitting on the titan.

Los found no Myrms, so he set up a bubble 100 off the BWF station and waited to see what undocked. A Curse looked interested. Los warped to Oijanen and back with the Curse, tackled it and lit the cyno. We bridged and killed the Curse. Now things started to undock. Shortly a Hyperion and 2 Dominixes entered the fray with more stuff undocking, notably a Chimera which sent its fighters in.

The subcaps died but things were starting to get a bit hairy with the Bhaalgorns in half armor and the 2 Oneiros getting jammed by a Falcon. Prometheus had called to align to IOO and now ordered warp. Many tackle and cruiser to BS size subcaps began landing as we waited for everyone to get out. They jumped through ahead of us. When everyone was repped up and timers clear we jumped to them. Prometheus called to uncloak with Falcon primary. I did not uncloak in my Oneiros, perhaps I should have so they would agress. They all jumped back through, it seemed to me. We warped BND.

Now Prometheus took the decision to turn back and continue the fight. Perhaps he knew there was a Chimera at 0 on the other side. He called for reinforcements on the Titan and Los prepared to light his cyno. We all jumped back into IOO and there was the Chimera in a bubble. Cyno up and we started to bump the Chimera away from the gate. His friends abandoned him and he died.

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Artwork by Bryan K Ward (click image)