Monday, December 28, 2015

Standing Fleet: 6, No Forks Given: 0

“Ferox jumping into LS,” reports PEWKITT.  One eyebrow is simultaneously raised on all members of Standing Fleet. ‘Ferox and Harbinger.” Two eyebrows. “Three Feroxes, a Harby, a Cyclone and a Myrmidon all jumping LS. Let’s go guys, get on the 9-G gate in LS.” Hulks, Ishtars and eyebrows are quickly docked up in G5ED station and everyone jumps into T1 battlecruisers and heads for the 8-T jump bridge to LS-JEP.

It appears that our adversaries have an aversion for bubbles and have come to shoot those deployed on the 9-G gate.  They are however not averse to sitting inside the bubbles while they shoot them. Our fleet lands in two’s and three’s and begins to shoot these fish in a bubble. Those few who try to burn out of the bubbles are scrammed. Camelionz is primaried in his Scythe and Ripperjack does an amazing job of keeping him up. One by one the enemy Battlecruisers fall to our coordinated fire whilst being unable to destroy even our Maulus Navy Issue cruiser. Several capsules are also despatched to Pod Heaven. We loot the field and return home.

Ignore the Stratios and related parties on the killboard, that kill belongs to a previous fight. We had similar numbers and ship types to them with one difference: we had logi. This goes to show what a difference logi makes in a fight.

Join Standing Fleet and get on Standing Fleet comms and be part of quick reaction fleets like this.

We also run BLOPs fleets when targets present themselves. We ran one just before this fight.

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Artwork by Bryan K Ward (click image)